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An easy way to dry your brushes so they don't get ruined...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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So I was washing my brushes the other day and I usually just lay them flat. But they always take forever to dry, they dry shaped weird, and it doesn't get the water out of the silver part.
Some people use The Brush Guards, which are sleeves that cover your brushes and allow you to stand them up straight. But I didn't want to have to buy them and wait for them to come and all that so I found an easy at-home way to do it.
I washed my brushes with ELF Brush Shampoo and squeezed all the water out that I could. But I noticed that there was still so coming out of the metal part.

It is very important to get the water out of there or your brushes will shed and become thinner over time. The water loosens up the glue that holds them in place.
So my solution...
Clothes pins.

I clamped them on the small brushes and rested them up on the soap dishes in my bathroom. You can also set them on the edge of a counter, table, or anything! A LOT of extra water drained out of them. You'd be surprised. For the large brushes, I stuck them in between the things on one of the shower caddys. But you can use the clothes pins for the large ones too. 

How do you all clean and dry your brushes?
Let me know!


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