Wanna gain some more followers? And get recognized!: GetGlammedUp

Wanna gain some more followers? And get recognized!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

In a week or so, I am going to be doing another monthly other bloggers referral post. I love doing these because it gets people recognized and shares followers. I love reading the blogs that I follow, and I want you all to get to find them too! Its kind of like a link exchange! So...
comment on this post if you want to be featured in my next referral post. Include a link to my blog (http://glam-me-upxo.blogspot.com) somewhere on your own blog. It can be a post or a sidebar. Comment on here telling me where to find it and you will be in my referral post!
Here is the last post I did on it if you want to see how it worked.
I want to leave room for new people so if you were in it last time don't request a referral.
And I am going to have that sidebar up soon with everyone's links!

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