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Closet Tour & Organization Tips (My first video!)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So my first video.. a closet tour! I wanted to show you all some ways you can organize your closets. I do not use a dresser, because I like having more space in my room. So, I have to find ways I can keep all my clothes in my closet. Also, my closet isn't the biggest (I've had smaller with the same stuff) so I have to find ways for everything to fit. Here's a few tips:

-Use bins with drawers for stuff like jeans, pants, shorts, pajamas and t-shirts. I got mine from either Walmart or Target where they have a good selection for no more than like $20.
-Use smaller bins for stuff like bras, underwear, and socks. Keeping these separate makes them much easier to find.
-Keep shoes in hanging shoe organizers. You can fit a ton in them and they don't take up much space.
-Use small plastic bins for leggings, belts, bathing suits, etc.
-Hang belts and scarves up on the hooks that have multiple hooks in one.
-Hang purses on the back of a door on a multiple hook organizer.
-Organize clothing by type at least. If you want to get really organized, by color too. I used different colored hangers for different types of clothes.
*Don't cram too many clothes because it gets really annoying when trying to pull stuff out and put it back.
-Keep off season stuff away or under a bed. I used the short, long bin with wheels to slide in and out from under the bed.
-Keep other storage in labeled shoe boxes or bins on top the closet.

What are some ways you all keep your closets organized?

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