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About Me

Welcome to my website! Here you will find all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Feel free to use the navigation bar to find exactly what you're looking for!

A little about me...
I started my blog way back in 2009 after feeling the urge to share my love beauty and fashion too long. I've loved playing with makeup, clothes, and graphic designing for as long as I can remember, and my passion has only grown since. I began making YouTube videos in January of 2011, and adore educating my subscribers and helping them feel great.

I stay busy balancing my full time job in digital marketing, and running my blog and YouTube channel. In my free time you can find me with my beagle pup, Holly, and my boyfriend of almost 10 years, Nathan.

Enjoy browsing around, and please feel free to email me (glammeup8@gmail.com) if you have any beauty/fashion questions, suggestions, requests, or business inquiries!

My focus is to help everyone achieve the look they deserve, and at an affordable price!

  • Where did you get you're blog design, banner, and video outro/end card? My blog template was found online, but I altered just about everything on it myself. I also have created all banners, video end cards, and intros myself. If you are interested in one for yourself, checkout my graphic design website for more on my design services.
  • Is your hair naturally curly?
    Yes! You can checkout some haircare videos and posts here.
  • What is your college degree in?
    Business Marketing
  • What is your job?
    I work as a digital marketer with experience specifically in social media, email, and web development, along with running my own YouTube channel and blog on the side.

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